Current Student Registration

2021-22 Registration Packets

Click Here to Download - Student Registration Packet

How to Complete Forms

  1. Download blank registration packet and save to your computer. Do not fill out in Chrome, use Adobe Reader only.
  2. Open saved document
  3. Fill in blanks
  4. Save completed registration packet to attach to email
  5. Send completed registration packet to reenroll@legendsacademy.org

Please use the latest version of Adobe Reader when completing these forms.

Proof of immunizations on a Form 680, which can be obtained at:

Orange County Health Department:
832 W. Central Blvd.
Orlando, FL 32801

These forms must be completed by a Florida physician or a Florida county health department.

Click HERE for current required immunizations.

*Students may attend school without a Florida Certificate of Immunization if they have a: 

  • Religious Exemption (Form DH 681)
  • Temporary Exemption (Form DH 680, Part B)
  • Medical Exemption (Form DH680, Part C)     


One of the following at a minimum:

  • Current Homestead Exemption Card
  • Property Tax Statement
  • Signed Closing Contract
  • Lease*

If you have one of the above, send to the school as your proof of your residence. A verification of residence from student enrollment  is not needed.

*If you don’t have a lease or own your own home (share housing with someone else) you must obtain a Verification of Residence from Student Enrollment by providing a minimum of four of the following documents:

  • Parent or Guardian's Florida driver's license or state ID showing the current correct address.

  • Another item in the Parent or Guardian's name showing the current address, such as: auto registration, current bill or current pay stub.

  • Homeowner or Lessee's Florida driver's license or state ID showing the correct address.

  • Homeowner or Lessee's homestead exemption card, property tax information or lease agreement.
For more information about Verification of Residence by the Office of Student Enrollment and how to obtain the necessary documentation to register, click HERE
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